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We provide strategy, design and delivery of technology options that help you to complete a successful digital transformation to sustain business agility. 

Business agility refers to the capability of your organisation to rapidly change or adapt in response to changes in the market. The concept itself is centred around handling operations and resources in a flexible, responsive manner in order to drive maximum business value.

Digital transformation, as an enabler to business agility, is the updating of business processes using modern technologies to speed up performance and increase overall efficiency. 

Helping you answer the question:

Is there a way you can do what you do faster, more efficiently and deliver better value to your customer at a lower cost?

Business-Technology Strategy

Canvas • Africa helps you with laying out your technology options and making choices that enable you to thrive as a modern digital business.

Technology strategy - or strategy in general - is about making choices from different options. Each option has its pros and cons and you have to weigh them against each other to make the optimal choice. Sometimes, you may have to make more than one choice - and that's fine.

We ensure that you choose the technology option(s) that increases your business agility, resilience and ability to compete.

Technology Delivery & Maintenance

Technology delivery and maintenance enables you and your business team to provide new service experiences via established and emerging technologies.
Working on the foundation of your established technology strategy and design, we help you to stay focused on how to deliver technology options in a purposeful and cost-effective manner. We help you with concepts like refinement logic, workload logic, delivery language, delivery cadence and performance dashboard.

Technology Design & Engineering

There is a digital learning curve; you have to walk before you can run. For a digital transformation to succeed, we engage you and your team to be aware of this learning curve, which has three distinct stages. 

The three phases present different opportunities for organisational learning. The first two stages, modernisation and enterprise-wide transformation, are focused on reshaping the existing business. 

The last phase is about new business creation and uncovering new sources of value. 

Let's explore how you can improve your business agility. 
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